Thelonious Monk, Desiring-Machines, and Cultural Production

Thelonious Monk, Desiring-Machines, and Cultural Production “Alas, I am a mere textual-production machine.”--Quote attributed to Gilles Deleuze--apparently the last words he uttered before throwing his body (and, presumably, his body without organs) out of the window of his flat in Paris.
Thelonious Monk has long been considered an enigma--an outsider in the history of modern jazz--to the point of his supposed mental illness being considered as an explanation for his unique musical style and vocabulary.  More attention has been paid to his eccentricities than to the logic and cohesion that pervades his composition and improvisation. If we use the theories of the French post-structuralist Gilles Deleuze and his colleague Felix Guattari, we have a lens through which to view Monk’s cultural production and its relation to “mental illness,” capitalist production, desire, and flows.  Thelonious Monk is a great disjunction or rupture in the flow of modern jazz and the “mainstreaming” thereof, a…

Sick, Sick of Theory

This blog has been largely used for posting half-digested critical-theory hot-takes about mass culture.  I appreciate that some found these takes interesting.  Right now I'm sick of reading and writing theory.  I will be trying to redirect the focus of the blog toward my art--photography and music, mostly.

I consider myself a lot more compelling of an artist than a theorist.  Nevertheless, there are some links between the works, as my amateurish theory thus far has been concerned with certain themes in pop culture/Spectacle, and my artwork simply gets at those themes in a more pointed, accurate way.

I will continue posting links and maybe little blurbs about my work, but just for the hell of it, I'll dump everything I can think of here:

This is my main soundcloud.  Recently, because of some physical and financial limitations, I've made a couple recordings that are rlly lofi punk/pop/whatever.  I'm actually way prouder of these than …

Preliminary Notes on Acceleration and the Body

>when u wanna accelerate but u can't even accelerate yr metabolism --Anon

Recently, based on the writings of the physiologist Ray Peat, I have started to reprise my understanding of negentropy and entropy.  I have also started to understand more about metabolism. 

The common understanding of social/economic metabolism as analogous to physiological metabolic processes is interesting but needs more elaboration and needs to be coupled by better understanding of physiological processes.

All current modes of accelerationist thought are marred by hyperstitions that are borne out of shallow scientific understanding, mania, and oxidative stress.  It is time to reconsider a Nietzschean appraisal of accelerationist thought: "For Nietzsche, the moral question of knowing what is true
or false, just or unjust could now be posed in the following terms: What is sick or healthy? What is gregarious or singular?" (Klossowski, P. 6).  But doing this means understanding contradictions in Nie…
**I'm not published and currently am ill to the point of being unable to work.  I have never made a patreon because I don't consider writing critical theory hot takes my main thing, but please consider supporting my gofundme for medical expenses if you feel like you can, and especially if you feel that you've gleaned something from this blog.**

Cucked Noumena--Sexual Pathology and the Alt-Right

All political conflict is economic ("All hitherto existing history is the history of class struggle").  All economy is libidinal.   All libido is chemical.  Thus we have the framework for explaining the rise of the Alt-Right, in pharmacopornographic terms.

The telos of capital is to simply act as an exchange mechanism for chemicals--hormones, neurotransmitters, drugs, sex, to the extent that capital itself becomes implicated in pharmacopornographic desire (see the intro to "The Wolf of Wall Street" in which DiCaprio's character discusses money as the ultimate drug). The recent emergence of the Alt-right and withering of liberalism has to be viewed in terms of sexuopolitical economy, and in terms of Social Darwinist hyperstitions regarding strength, weakness, and virility, which are radically altered by pharmacopornographic techniques.
       In "Kant, Capital, and the Prohibition of Incest," Nick Land explored apartheid and the disaggregation of the Thir…

Coda to Heroes--Preliminary Notes on Suicide and Symbolism

The thing that ultimately saves the flesh from being ridiculous is the element of death that resides in the healthy, vigorous body; it is this, I realized, that sustains the dignity of the fleshYukio Mishima, Sun and Steel

Suicide is not only a pragmatic act but a narrative one.  Even its most pragmatic manifestations, such as euthanasia, are rife with symbolic meaning.

The manner of suicide, the timing of suicide, and the reason for suicide are all considerations.  Suicide is ubiquitous across demographics and cultures.  There are an incredible diversity of reasons for suicide and many bio-political implications.

This is simply some preliminary notes on the symbolism of suicide.  I am too tired these days to write or read at length, but will hopefully be able to update this in more detail in the future, as it is an important topic.  I was partially inspired to write it by reading "Heroes" by Franco Berardi, although much of my interest in the topic goes beyond that frame.


Flawed Transcript

This is the first time I thought that I might not make it out alive... just never been this depressed's like I can't even describe it without sounding melodramatic I feel like I can't breathe it's not just like an absence of feeling like i feel like I'm being selfish and it's icy and the versus when people try and help me because then I feel like it's like I'm like trapped in ice glass or under this great black ice in the shining lights that are trying to get through they're really trying but they're so close but i'm so far away from them even though i'm only like 10 feet I really don't want to die I don't want to do it on so costa so fast

**I'm not published and currently am ill to the point of being unable to work.  I have never made a patreon because I don't consider writing critical theory hot takes my main thing, but please consider supporting my gofundme for medical expenses if you feel like you can, and especi…