Insomnia as Debt--Hypostition as Hibernation

This will be the briefest post I've written, and I don't think I need to elaborate on any of this in detail until a later date.

1.  Sleep is sacred.  From a psycho-analytic perspective, an inability to sleep is actually a symptom of an inability to properly dream.  It is a problem of the barriers between the conscious and the subconscious.
(Ogden,  Bion           )

2.  Sleep is one of the last barriers which capital has not eroded.   The other one being death.  I'm no Heideggerian/anarcho-primitivist, but it seems like there are some things that are natural that are good, and I'm not totally anti-human yet.  (And let's consider that becoming-cyborg isn't necessarily becoming anti-human but becoming an integration of human with technology in a broad sense. ), Which is why I am concerned with the possibility of erosion of sleep.  24/7 temporality is a deterritorializaiton of sleep.  Yes, it's still impossible to do away totally with sleep, but we're wor…


I have found something soft and rotten at my core
A sweet mustiness Old furniture by a riverbank
A mirror In front of A mirror In an empty room
the only movement paint peeling from the frame

Nobody’s home.

James Blood Ulmer--Electrifying Free Jazz

James Blood Ulmer--Electrifying Free Jazz James Blood Ulmer is an avant-garde guitar player whose scope is large and messy--straddling the usual divides between high-modern and folk art, psychedelia, “noise” and jazz, with a kind of deceptive ease that comes from an “outsider” perspective. His time with Ornette Coleman was important but not necessarily formative, it seems clear that Ulmer had an aesthetic going into that situation that he felt like was akin to Ornette’s. Ulmer’s life story is vital to understanding his work, there were several formative moments that never could have come from playing “straight-ahead” jazz or being in a conservatory or any sort of academic environment. As an adolescent, Ulmer heard George Benson and eventually Wes Montgomery and took to studying their records to learn how to play jazz.  He was immersed in an R+B influenced Midwestern jazz scene in which organ trios, usually featuring guitarists, played an important part.  He toured with the singer Jewel B…

Simian's #5 (paean to Ted Kazscynski)

A lot of people find you terrifying, morally repulsive, a real conversation-stopper
What u found in this battered world, this glowing, bloodless globe, may have been repulsive-- but who could blame you for documenting it
In the end, you weren’t anything to be scared of-- too soft to do more than get off some halfway-serious potshots at civilization that landed in “innocents,”
that may have tortured you, but who among us is r

Simian's #4

Birth was a form i didn’t sign
a lot of commotion
Up until my 21st birthday I had a pretty good handle on the composite mental state often called “Sanity”
Then I was pulled apart by mechanical arms separated, specialized Progress
There were many boxes to check, so many Departments
In my culture, we have a ritual for becoming- adult , called Undoing
Sacrifice is important to